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Student Charter

The Student Charter is a vital document that outlines the rights and responsibilities of students at Regent Education and Research Foundation Group of Institutions (RERFGI). It emphasizes the students' right to quality education while highlighting the importance of their awareness about these rights and responsibilities. The aim is to foster a collaborative spirit between RERFGI and its students, promoting transparency, openness, and a shared commitment to enhancing and sustaining quality education.

  • Provide clear and complete information on admission and programs.
  • Uphold social justice, equality, and ethical practices.
  • Present a safe, clean, and healthy atmosphere.
  • Promote overall healthy practices in academics and administration.
  • Make students aware of mission, vision, goals, and study programs.
  • Ensure free access to all institution related information.
  • Follow a student-focused approach for efficient services.
  • Create opportunities for discovery, creation, and preservation of knowledge.
  • Offer need-based academic courses and skill improvements.
  • Present a wide range of flexible study programs.
  • Implement an effective mechanism for student assessment.
  • Design and implement a plan for monitoring student progress.
  • Provide opportunities for impartial feedback and improvement.
  • Recognize students' intellectual property rights.
  • Ensure intellectual independence, freedom of inquiry, and scientific temper.
  • Align with the Institution's Vision, Mission and Objectives.
  • Adhere to the Academic Calendar, norms, and regulations.
  • Understand study programs, admission policies, and assessment mechanisms.
  • Abstain from activities causing violence, drugs, alcohol, and ragging.
  • Utilize learning resources within the institute effectively.
  • Engage in academic programs, seminars, workshops, debates, and projects.
  • Participate in internal assessments and examinations.
  • Provide unbiased feedback for system improvement.
  • Offer feedback for quality and improvement.
  • Contribute to organizational and cultural aspects of RERFGI.
  • Engage in extension activities for community outreach.
  • Respect RERFGI property and uphold moral values.
  • Follow constitutional values and cultural diversity.
  • Commit to lifelong bonding and support RERFGI as alumni.
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