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RERFGI is a renowned educational institution committed to academic excellence and holistic student development.

Our Story

Our Story

— Story Behind Us

RERF Group of Institutions a non-profit-making trusts which has been set up to promote the technological and professional education of highest standards and to encourage research and training activities so that the students, conferred with the degree can not only meet the professional challenges but also all the challenges life has to offer . In this era of economic liberalization, globalization and technological super advancements our motto is to put quality education in the light of Swamiji’s vision of spreading education throughout the society.

— Vision

‘UttishthataJagrataPrapya Varan Nibodhata’ (Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached): Holistic development of the stakeholders.
Led by the essenceof Katha Upanishad and Swami Vivekananda "UttishthataJagrataPrapya Varan Nibodhata,"i.e.“Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached”, RERFGroup of Institutions’ vision is to attain quality education by keeping pace with changing technologies and bringing out professionals with a sense of social responsibility, competent of making significant contributions to both personal and national abundance.

— Mission

To actualize the Vision of Regent Education and Research Foundation, the college has presented its Mission statement, which explicitly declares its unwavering dedication.

  • To foster a favorable learning atmosphere through continuous enhancement.
  • To facilitate a cutting-edge learning process, where education is contextualized in the changes, necessities, and trials of the real world.
  • To spark the intellects of the students to explore their individuality, adapt, and acknowledge diversity
  • To equip the learners with a mature mind and heart, proficient in critical thinking, innovation, and experimentation, which empower them to become leaders
  • To support students in building meaningful careers by enhancing their employability aptitudesand to nurture among the students the passion for exploration, creativity, and enterprise.
  • To enable the students and faculties with the means of knowledge creation and promote their self-sufficiency
  • To promise a dedication to establish a connection with nature, fellow beings, and their own deeper selves
  • To promote students and staffs as an accountable tech-members of society with social, moral and ethical consideration.

— What We Plan to Achieve
  • Values: Continuously evaluate and increase the quality and relevance of academic content and performance standards in the core subjects for pre-school, grades 1 to 12 and university education.Enhancement of the quality of student life by providing professional development opportunities and promoting a sense of community.
  • Achievement: Ensure that all students are performing at a standard level . Ensure that the assignments are done correctly in the first instance.
  • EvaluationEvaluation: Ensure that all students receive the same standard-based evaluation, grades 1 to 12 and university education, also to ensure that a number of exceptional needs for students must be addressed using appropriate alternative means to determine achievement and progress for all.
  • Reach: Recruit and retain a diverse group of students from pre-school to post graduate level.
— Our Oath

We believe that education is the only weapon which can help our younger generation to fight against all the odds we encourage the spirit of free enquiry and imagination. Here learning and dreams the shape. We also try to inculcate the sense of human values and disciplines in our students, because we believe that a good human being is what we need, giving back to the society is always important.

— Academics and Explorations

Here at our campus we believe in constant explorations. We not only encourage our faculties to carry on academic research but also for exploratory action research within the classrooms. Our faculties encourage our students to participate in the research procedure so that they can learn by doing.

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