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Krishnendu Mondal
Mechanical Engineering
Experience: 9 Year 5 Months

The student of mechanical engineering department will enjoy the best facilities and equipments and essential to learn the frontier technology like mechatronics , automation, CAD/CAM/CIM, Robotics and CNC machine in industrial engineering, teratology and computer graphics, solid modeling ,analysis of synthesis of linkage and laser machining process , NDT day to come. I congratulate the team of faculty members and the students for their brilliant and original efforts. I wish all the Students and Faculty a great academic career

Mechanical Engineering is may be the most diverse and multipurpose of the engineering disciplines. In addition to physics and mathematics, it includes key elements of production, electrical, civil, chemical and even materials science and bio-engineering. Mechanical engineering touches almost every aspect of modern life, from mobile phones and biomedical devices, to aircrafts and power plants. Not only engineering, mechanical engineers cope with economic matters, from the cost of a single component, to the economic influence of a manufacturing plant. Besides, Mechanical engineers can also be found in sales, engineering management, and corporate management. Adaptability is another distinctive advantage in a world that is undergoing constant economic, political, industrial, and social change. Mechanical engineers are polished and positioned, not only to adapt, but to define and direct change. Department students are getting ranks at university level almost every year. As a part of co-curricular activities students of the department are visiting Automotive, Machine Tool and other allied mechanical engineering industries in India. At department of mechanical engineering students are educated not only by teaching- learning but also through the real time projects from industries. Students are involved in R & D projects of the department.

Meet Faculty

Nripen Pramanik
DME, B.Tech., M.Tech. (Jadavpur University), Ph.D. (Pursuing)
Experience: 10 Year 6 Months
Krishnendu Mondal
Experience: 9 Year 5 Months
Puspendu Chandra Chandra
Experience: 3 Year 8 Months
Sabyasachi Mukherjee
B.Tech, M.E (Anna University,Chennai)
Experience: 3 Year 4 Months
Sayahnya Roy
M.TECH (IIEST, Shibpur) , PhD (Submitted)
Experience: 1 Year 6 Months
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Experience: 10 Year 6 Months
Dilip kr. bose
DME & B.E(PURSUING IN Jadavpur University)
Experience: 9 Year 9 Months
Experience: 5 Year 10 Months
Sujoy Bose
Experience: 3 Year 10 Months
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